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Brand Identity

The common denominator of any successful campaign, experience, or initiative is the brand itself. We help organizations align their brand with their business objectives, target audience, and market positioning.

+ Brand Activation

Taking a human-centered approach to each product, experience, or service; we develop and craft deliverables around the needs, and desires of the target audience.

+ Corporate Identity

Whether you’re a new company starting from scratch or a well-established brand looking for a refresh, our team can expertly craft an identity for you that will ensure you’re always putting your best foot forward.

+ Brand Audit

RDG’s team looks at your brand from a bird’s eye view to ensure your styling, messaging, and overall look and feel are cohesive whether a user finds your website, a banner ad, or your social media pages.

+ Social Media

Always staying up on the latest trends RDG is prepared to handle your brands’ social media content from conception to execution, including launch. We maintain your web presence across all platforms while you focus on managing your brand.

Need a few examples?


Kapor Foundation Branding + Website

See how RDG crafted the visual identity for Kapor Foundation, balancing professionalism and approachability for a brand that resonates with seasoned academics and young students alike.

Citrus Brand Development

Learn how RDG brought the CITRUS Juice Bar brand to life through extensive market research, design exploration and flawless execution.

Take Your Seat Brand Guidelines

Learn how RDG worked with Take Your Seat to extend their current logo brand mark into full-fledged brand guidelines, and playbook.
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