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Collaborative Creators & Innovators

Our goal is to reduce the friction between creative brief and final deliverables; to seamlessly collaborate, and efficiently develop work that helps brands tell their story.

Atlanta’s Best-Kept Secret

From a spare room turned studio to a thriving office in the heart of midtown, RDG’s story is one of innovating, evolving, and striving to always stay ahead of the curve. Our Founder, Renard Ragsdale, emerged from a successful career working at one of the top ad agencies in the country with the desire to provide small and mid-cap businesses with the polish and presentation of Fortune 100 brands.

Nearly two decades later, RDG has expanded its team and offerings to better serve client needs nationwide.


We pride ourselves on seamless communication at every stage of the project life cycle.


We fit in where you need us, as a satellite marketing partner or complimenting your existing team.


Your time and money are valuable, so we maximize productivity to stay within budget.

It’s not about the awards, but it’s nice when our work receives industry recognition.

Our Values


We value creative input from team members at all levels. At RDG, we believe that great ideas can come from anyone, regardless of their position at the company. By encouraging creative input from team members at all levels, we ensure that every voice is heard and every perspective is considered.



Within our team and with clients, RDG values transparency and communication.
We prioritize open, transparent communication with clients and strive to understand and meet their needs. Through a foundation of trust and collaboration, we create relationships that withstand the test of time, enabling us to deliver exceptional value and results.


Doing Good

Working with diverse clients whose missions and values resonate with ours strengthens our purpose. Collaborations broaden our horizons and reinforce our commitment to making a meaningful impact in the world. We’re grateful for the opportunity to align our efforts with like-minded organizations, fostering mutual growth and advancing shared goals.