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Kapor Foundation Web Design + Branding

Kapor Foundation has been working at the intersection of racial equity and technology to expand access to K-12 computer science and postsecondary tech pathways under the umbrella of Kapor Center. In 2023, the Kapor team took the opportunity to define the research, advocacy, and investment sector of the venture through a distinct visual identity. The Kapor Foundation branding brings fresh energy to the organization, establishing it as a modern authority in advocating for policy changes and promoting inclusivity in the tech sector.











In crafting the visual identity for the Kapor Foundation, RDG aimed to strike a balance – creating a brand that professionals would regard with high expertise, yet maintaining accessibility for beneficiaries at all levels. RDG’s research highlighted the prevalence of modern, minimal brandmarks and cool-toned color palettes in the tech industry. During discussions with the Kapor Foundation team, emphasis was placed on ensuring the branding’s resonance with a diverse audience. The outcome is a contemporary sans-serif brandmark, characterized by straight lines and curved edges. The carefully curated color palette includes a unique combination of cool blue colors, enhancing the brand’s visual identity with a sophisticated yet approachable aesthetic.

The Kapor Foundation website blends the contemporary styling found in the branding with a unique layout meant to guide the eye through their origin story, the ways they are impacting K–12 students from coast to coast, and resources built to empower educators. The imagery on the website mimics the structure and curvature found in the brandmark and breaths a fresh take on balancing content. The use of tabs and styled links keeps the structure of the Kapor Foundation website contained to a handful of navigation pages while allowing the content to blossom in a multitude of directions, giving users a world of options to explore as they peruse the site.